Web Header & Footer Logos

Before your site goes live, you will want to replace the default "Name of Department" web header with the official one for your department, college, unit or program. 

Although it can be tempting to make one yourself, there are whole teams of people working to make sure that we put our best face forward as a University!

If you don't have your official Logo Suite, please reach out to the appropriate Marketing or Communications team for your department.

"The only approved shops for building UA logos are

  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • BioCommunications
  • Student Affairs Marketing

And all logos must be approved by the AVP of Marketing & Brand Management prior to distribution.

Sounds intense, I know, but the goal is simple: create and manage the UA's identity standards to the professional level expected of all large institutions. That means that the correct versions are not only built, but also deployed correctly for the medium, audience, and desired effect."

- Misha Harrison, Director of Creative Services / Brand Management

How to update your Header and Footer

UA Quickstart uses the UA Zen theme by default.

Change the default web header logo as well as the display of other important site elements in Administration > Appearance > Settings > UA Zen.

To change the default logo:

  1. Uncheck Use the default logo.
  2. Upload the logo you want to use. The Path field will be auto-populated with the correct path once the image is uploaded.

You may also upload a footer logo here and specify its link destination, alt text, and title text.