Quickstart 2.0

Quickstart 2.3 has launched!

Content editors: There is a new site that has all the documentationtraining and resources you need.

Developers: Technical documentation can be found on Arizona Digital and on our GitHub repository.

Based on Drupal 9 and Arizona Bootstrap, Quickstart 2.0 is in active development.

In order to maintain a cohesive web experience for the students, faculty and staff that visit our websites, Quickstart 2.0 will be largely indistinguishable to end users but will have significant improvements behind the scenes for the web developers and site builders that create these digital experiences.

  • Default Roles & Permissions out of the box
  • Improved configuration management system that will make it easier to customize and still receive feature improvements
  • Vastly improved page building tools based on user feedback from over 100 site builders
  • Support for modern Javascript and CSS

Interested in helping? Ideas and pull requests are always welcome from anyone on campus.  Join us on Slack!

Quickstart 2.0 is skipping Drupal 8 and going straight to Drupal 9.

Project Overview

Quickstart 1.0

The Drupal 7 version of Quickstart is now in maintenance mode

Arizona Digital will continue supporting Bug Fixes and Security Updates through Drupal 7's End of Life in November 2022.

Quickstart 2.0

Phase 1: Discovery & Architecture

May - November 2019 Complete

Our Drupal 8 "Discussion Series" began in May 2019. We carried out a series of spikes to determine the best path towards meeting our needs in Drupal 8. This was tracked in Confluence.

Phase 2: Develop MVP

November 2019 - March 2021Complete

Download the beta release on GitHub


This release will not be considered ready for wide scale adoption, but there will be some early sites built to pilot Quickstart 2.0 and identify issues and pain points.

We are targeting delivery of a minimum viable product (MVP) at the end of 2020.

This MVP will be focused on:

  • Upgrading the underlying technology to Drupal 9 and Bootstrap 4 while maintaining a consistent look.
  • Infrastructure and configuration management to enable Continuous Delivery of all future improvements
  • Improved mobile navigation
  • Improved editor experience for Pages
  • Bare bones content types and views for News, Person and Events

Phase 3: Develop Stable Release 

March 2021 - July 2021Complete


With this release, Quickstart 2.0 should meet the needs of most new website projects.

This release will be focused on providing more site functionality to reach feature parity with Quickstart 1.0:

  • More Block types
  • More Paragraph types
  • More View options for content
  • Providing a Content Moderation workflow
  • Better user management

Phase 4: Build Migration Tooling

March 2021 - September 2021In Progress

This tooling will provide migration scripts with field mappings for all of the supported Blocks, Content Types and Flexible pages from Quickstart 1.0 to Quickstart 2.0.

If your existing Drupal 7 websites are built with Quickstart 1.0, upgrading should (hopefully) be painless.

Phase 5: Ongoing Stable Releases Every 6 Months

Switch to our new Release Management strategy.

Quickstart Timeline

This is what it should look like:


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