Fields, text editors and text formatters

List of fields and their mapped text formatters.

Content Type Item or Field (if appl.) Text Format
Flexible Page HTML Field UAQS Full HTML
  Card Deck UAQS Standard
  Marquee UAQS Standard
  Full Width Background Wrapper UAQS Standard
  Text Area UAQS Standard
  Panel Group (Collapsible) UAQS Standard
  Single Card UAQS Standard
  Well UAQS Standard
  UAQS Plain Text UAQS Textual Content
Basic Page   UAQS Unconstrained Markup
Event   UAQS Unconstrained Markup
News   UAQS Unconstrained Markup
Person Addresses UAQS Unconstrained Markup
  Biography UAQS Unconstrained Markup
Publication   UAQS Unconstrained Markup
Unit   UAQS Unconstrained Markup

Quickstart text editors

Pictured below is the anatomy of a Quickstart text editor, plus some of the permissions you can set to modify what is shown per role, and per entity type.


Permissions for text formatter options.
You can set permissions per role for showing formatter tips, format tips link (Not currently available), and showing the format selection field per Drupal entity.


In addition to limiting parts of a formatter, UA Quickstart also allows you to set permissions for text filters as shown below.


Text formatters and text filters work together to create a robust filtered text editing experience.  Though complicated to understand, all of the different settings involved combine to allow a plethora of potential setting combinations. 

Let's look at how the biography field in the uaqs_person content type is set up.

First if you go to /admin/config/content/formats, you should see a list of text filters that can be edited. Modifying existing text formats (Those prefixed with UAQS) will bring your site out of sync with quickstart, and could cause future pain and heartache without a plan for overriding settings.  If you want to view a specific text filter's settings, click on the configure link in the "Operations" column. Note: You must have the "Administer text formats and filters" permission on at least one of the roles your account is associated with.

Formatters are a grouping of filters to be run on the text that a user enters into a filtered text field.


UAQS Person uses the UAQS Unconstrained Markup formatter for its default text formatter, so let's look at the configuration for that one.