Quickstart makes it easy for you to set up well-designed and developed University of Arizona websites.

It is the quickest way for you to get started on Drupal 7 and UA Bootstrap, and comes with a suite of features specific to university website needs.

Core benefits:




UA Branded

Out of the box, UA Quickstart has several features and functions, including:

  • Integrated Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Webforms
  • Card decks
  • Landing grids
  • Photo Galleries
  • Carousels
  • Image background marquees
  • Video background marquees
  • Collapsible panel groups/accordions
  • Configurable header and footer
  • Department and team directories
  • Events and event calendars (added manually or imported)
  • News (added manually or imported)
  • Full width elements
  • A variety of style options for links, buttons, drop downs, tables, and typography

And we are continually adding newer and better features. Quickstart is mobile-responsive, accessible, and equipped with UA Bootstrap styles and components to keep your website UA branded and modern.