Available Modules

Quickstart includes many Contributed Drupal Modules that can extend your website in the ways most commonly needed by university websites. All of the modules listed here are monitored for new security releases and tested for interoperability with the rest of Quickstart.

If you need additional functionality beyond these, please see the Contrib Module section of Extending Quickstart.

All Modules

Aggregator (aggregator)

Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds).


Block (block)

Controls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with. Blocks are boxes of content rendered into an area, or region, of a web page.


Blog (blog)

Enables multi-user blogs.


Book (book)

Allows users to create and organize related content in an outline.


Color (color)

Allows administrators to change the color scheme of compatible themes.


Comment (comment)

Allows users to comment on and discuss published content.


Contact (contact)

Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms.


Content translation (translation)

Allows content to be translated into different languages.


Contextual links (contextual)

Provides contextual links to perform actions related to elements on a page.


Dashboard (dashboard)

Provides a dashboard page in the administrative interface for organizing administrative tasks and tracking information within your site.


Database logging (dblog)

Logs and records system events to the database.


Field (field)

Field API to add fields to entities like nodes and users.


Field SQL storage (field_sql_storage)

Stores field data in an SQL database.


Field UI (field_ui)

User interface for the Field API.


File (file)

Defines a file field type.


Filter (filter)

Filters content in preparation for display.


Forum (forum)

Provides discussion forums.


Help (help)

Manages the display of online help.


Image (image)

Provides image manipulation tools.


List (list)

Defines list field types. Use with Options to create selection lists.


Locale (locale)

Adds language handling functionality and enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English.


Menu (menu)

Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu.


Node (node)

Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages.


Number (number)

Defines numeric field types.


OpenID (openid)

Allows users to log into your site using OpenID.


Options (options)

Defines selection, check box and radio button widgets for text and numeric fields.


Overlay (overlay)

Displays the Drupal administration interface in an overlay.


Path (path)

Allows users to rename URLs.


PHP filter (php)

Allows embedded PHP code/snippets to be evaluated.


Poll (poll)

Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions.


RDF (rdf)

Enriches your content with metadata to let other applications (e.g. search engines, aggregators) better understand its relationships and attributes.


Search (search)

Enables site-wide keyword searching.


Shortcut (shortcut)

Allows users to manage customizable lists of shortcut links.


Statistics (statistics)

Logs access statistics for your site.


Syslog (syslog)

Logs and records system events to syslog.


System (system)

Handles general site configuration for administrators.


Taxonomy (taxonomy)

Enables the categorization of content.


Testing (simpletest)

Provides a framework for unit and functional testing.


Text (text)

Defines simple text field types.


Toolbar (toolbar)

Provides a toolbar that shows the top-level administration menu items and links from other modules.


Tracker (tracker)

Enables tracking of recent content for users.


Trigger (trigger)

Enables actions to be fired on certain system events, such as when new content is created.


Update manager (update)

Checks for available updates, and can securely install or update modules and themes via a web interface.


User (user)

Manages the user registration and login system.


Access Unpublished (access_unpublished)

Grants access to view unpublished content to anyone who has a unique URL and appropriate permissions.


Actions permissions (VBO) (actions_permissions)

Provides permission-based access control for actions. Used by Views Bulk Operations.


Administration views (admin_views)

Replaces all system object management pages in Drupal core with real views.


Advanced help (advanced_help)

Provide extended help and documentation.


Advanced help example (help_example)

A example help module to demonstrate the advanced help module.


Amazon Simple Email Service (amazon_ses)

Integrate with Amazon SES


AP Style Date (date_ap_style)

Formats dates and times to use "AP" Style


Automatic Entity Labels (auto_entitylabel)

Allows hiding of entity label fields and automatic label creation.


AWS SDK for PHP (awssdk)

The AWS SDK for PHP provides a library, code samples, and documentation for developers.


AWS SDK for PHP UI (awssdk_ui)

The AWS SDK for PHP configuration UI.


Bean (bean)

Create Bean (Block Entities)


Bean - Entitycache (bean_entitycache)

Integrates the Bean module with the Entitycache module


Bean Admin UI (bean_admin_ui)

Add the ability to create Block Types in the UI


Bean Usage (bean_usage)

View Bean (Block Entities) Usage


Bean UUID (bean_uuid)

Allow deploying bean blocks through Deploy and UUID modules.


Breakpoints (breakpoints)

Manage breakpoints


Bulk Export (bulk_export)

Performs bulk exporting of data objects known about by Chaos tools.


CAS (cas)

Provides single sign-on Central Authentication Services (CAS)


CAS Server (cas_server)

Provides protocol compliant CAS Server


Chaos tools (ctools)

A library of helpful tools by Merlin of Chaos.


Chaos Tools (CTools) AJAX Example (ctools_ajax_sample)

Shows how to use the power of Chaos AJAX.


Chaos Tools (CTools) Plugin Example (ctools_plugin_example)

Shows how an external module can provide ctools plugins (for Panels, etc.).


Coffee (coffee)

An administrative module to switch between admin pages real fast, like Alfred or Spotlight on OS X.


Custom content panes (ctools_custom_content)

Create custom, exportable, reusable content panes for applications like Panels.


Custom rulesets (ctools_access_ruleset)

Create custom, exportable, reusable access rulesets for applications like Panels.


Date (date)

Makes date/time fields available.


Date All Day (date_all_day)

Adds 'All Day' functionality to date fields, including an 'All Day' theme and 'All Day' checkboxes for the Date select and Date popup widgets.


Date API (date_api)

A Date API that can be used by other modules.


Date Context (date_context)

Adds an option to the Context module to set a context condition based on the value of a date field.


Date iCal (date_ical)

Enables export of iCal feeds using Views, and import of iCal feeds using Feeds.


Date Migration Example (date_migrate_example)

Examples of migrating with the Date module


Date Popup (date_popup)

Enables jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets for selecting dates and times.


Date Repeat API (date_repeat)

A Date Repeat API to calculate repeating dates and times from iCal rules.


Date Repeat Field (date_repeat_field)

Creates the option of Repeating date fields and manages Date fields that use the Date Repeat API.


Date Tools (date_tools)

Tools to import and auto-create dates and calendars.


Date Views (date_views)

Views integration for date fields and date functionality.


Default config (defaultconfig)

Use features as default configuration without having to deal with overridden features.


Dialog (dialog)

Provides an API for opening content in an interactive overlay.


Dialog Comment (dialog_comment)

Moves various comment actions into interactive overlays.


Dialog Node (dialog_node)

Moves various node actions into interactive overlays.


Dialog User (dialog_user)

Moves various user actions into interactive overlays.


Diff (diff)

Show differences between content revisions.


Drafty (drafty)

Facilitates handling of draft revisions, aka forward revisions.


Drafty Enforce (drafty_enforce)

Forces all new revisions to be drafts.


Drafty http://drupal.org/node/1992010 (drafty_1992010)

Works around a core bug related to field translations via Entity Translation, see http://drupal.org/node/1992010 for full details.


Draggableviews (draggableviews)

Makes Views draggable


Draggableviews Book (draggableviews_book)

Reorder books


Drupal 8 Cache (d8cache)

Backport of the Drupal 8 caching system.


Editor (editor)

Allows rich text fields to be edited using WYSIWYG client-side editors.


Editor CKEditor (editor_ckeditor)

Adds CKEditor as a supported editor.


Elements (elements)

Provides a library of Form API elements.


Email (email)

Defines an email field type.


Entity API (entity)

Enables modules to work with any entity type and to provide entities.


Entity Embed (entity_embed)

Allows entities to be embedded using a text editor.


Entity Reference (entityreference)

Provides a field that can reference other entities.


Entity Reference Behavior Example(entityreference_behavior_example)

Provides some example code for implementing Entity Reference behaviors.


Entity tokens (entity_token)

Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API.


Exclude node title (exclude_node_title)

Excludes a node title from display. It provides a checkbox on node-edit pages for easier exclusion. You can also exclude title display from teaser pages.


External Links (extlink)

Determine behavior and appearance for external links. Options include: Make external links open in a new window, add icons next to external links and email addresses, display pop-up warnings when users click external links.


Features (features)

Provides feature management for Drupal.


Feeds (feeds)

Aggregates RSS/Atom/RDF feeds, imports CSV files and more.


Feeds Admin UI (feeds_ui)

Administrative UI for Feeds module.


Feeds Import (feeds_import)

An example of a node importer and a user importer.


Feeds News (feeds_news)

A news aggregator built with feeds, creates nodes from imported feed items. With OPML import.


Feeds Tamper (feeds_tamper)

Modify feeds data before it gets saved.


Feeds Tamper Admin UI (feeds_tamper_ui)

Administrative UI for Feeds Tamper module.


Fences (fences)

Configurable field wrappers


Field collection (field_collection)

Provides a field collection field, to which any number of fields can be attached.


Field formatter settings API (field_formatter_settings)

Provides missing alter hooks for field formatter settings and summaries


Field Group (field_group)

Provides the ability to group your fields on both form and display.


Field Group Background Image (field_group_background_image)

Provides a field group display formatter that consists in a div with a background.


Field Group Link (field_group_link)

Provides a link field group display formatter.


Field Multiple Limit (field_multiple_limit)

Provides extra field formatter settings to specify the number of values to display on multi-value fields.


File Entity (file_entity)

Extends Drupal file entities to be fieldable and viewable.


File entity inline (file_entity_inline)

Makes field entities editable within other entities.


Flag (flag)

Create customized flags that users can set on entities.


Flag actions (flag_actions)

Execute actions on Flag events.


Flag Bookmark (flag_bookmark)

Provides an example bookmark flag and supporting views.


FlexSlider (flexslider)

Integrate the FlexSlider 2 library with Drupal


FlexSlider Example (flexslider_example)

Sample implementation of FlexSlider


FlexSlider Fields (flexslider_fields)

Adds a display mode in Fields for FlexSlider


FlexSlider Picture (flexslider_picture)

Integrates the Picture module with the FlexSlider module for a truly responsive slider.


FlexSlider Views Style (flexslider_views)

Adds a Views style plugin for FlexSlider


Global Redirect (globalredirect)

Searches for an alias of the current URL and 301 redirects if found. Stops duplicate content arising when path module is enabled.


Google Analytics (googleanalytics)

Allows your site to be tracked by Google Analytics by adding a Javascript tracking code to every page.


Google Tag Manager (google_tag)

Allows your website analytics to be managed using Google Tag Manager.


Honeypot (honeypot)

Mitigates spam form submissions using the honeypot method.


HTML5 Tools (html5_tools)

Provides a set of tools to allow sites to be built using HTML5.


Image Class (image_class)

Extends the Image formatter by adding an option to add an element class.


Image Link Formatter (image_link_formatter)

Provides an additional formatter for image core field, to be combined with contributed Link field module, to allow display of custom links with custom properties on the image field.


Job Scheduler (job_scheduler)

Scheduler API


Job Scheduler Trigger (job_scheduler_trigger)

Creates scheduler triggers that fire up at certain days, times


jQuery Update (jquery_update)

Update jQuery and jQuery UI to a more recent version.


JSONPath Parser (feeds_jsonpath_parser)

Parse a JSON document using JSONPath.


Libraries (libraries)

Allows version-dependent and shared usage of external libraries.


Link (link)

Defines simple link field types.


Manual Crop (manualcrop)

Lets you manually crop an image based upon the image style effects.


Masquerade (masquerade)

This module allows permitted users to masquerade as other users.


Match Redirect (match_redirect)

Matching source patterns are redirected to a single destination.


Media (media)

Provides the core Media API


Media Bulk Upload (media_bulk_upload)

Adds support for uploading multiple files at a time.


Media Field (mediafield)

Provides a field type that stores media-specific data. Deprecated by the core File field type.


Media Internet Sources (media_internet)

Provides an API for accessing media on various internet services


Media WYSIWYG (media_wysiwyg)

Adds support for embedding media using client-side WYSIWYG editors.


Media WYSIWYG View Mode (media_wysiwyg_view_mode)

DEPRECATED, this folder is only here so that the module can be uninstalled.


Media: oEmbed (media_oembed)

Adds oEmbed as a supported media provider.


Menu Bean (menu_bean)

A Block Type that displays menus


Menu Block (menu_block)

Provides configurable blocks of menu items.


Menu Block Export (menu_block_export)

Provides export interface for Menu block module.


Menu position (menu_position)

Customize menu position of nodes depending on their content type, associated terms and others conditions.


Metatag (metatag)

Adds support and an API to implement meta tags.


Metatag Importer (metatag_importer)

Import data from other modules into Metatag.


Metatag: App Links (metatag_app_links)

Provides support for applinks.org meta tags.


Metatag: Context (metatag_context)

Assigned Metatag using Context definitions, allowing them to be assigned by path and other criteria.


Metatag: Devel (metatag_devel)

Provides development / debugging functionality for the Metatag module. Integrates with Devel Generate.


Metatag: Dublin Core (metatag_dc)

Provides the fifteen Dublin Core Metadata Element Set 1.1 meta tags from the Dublin Core Metadata Institute.


Metatag: Dublin Core Advanced (metatag_dc_advanced)

Provides forty additional meta tags from the Dublin Core Metadata Institute.


Metatag: Facebook (metatag_facebook)

Provides support for Facebook's custom meta tags.


Metatag: favicons (metatag_favicons)

Provides support for many different favicons.


Metatag: Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)(metatag_google_cse)

Provides support for meta tags used for Google Custom Search Engine.


Metatag: Google+ (metatag_google_plus)

Provides support for Google+ 'itemscope', 'author' and 'publisher' meta tags.


Metatag: hreflang (metatag_hreflang)

Provides support for the hreflang meta tag with some extra logic to simplify it.


Metatag: Mobile & UI Adjustments (metatag_mobile)

Provides support for meta tags used to control the mobile browser experience.


Metatag: OpenGraph (metatag_opengraph)

Provides support for Open Graph Protocol meta tags.


Metatag: OpenGraph Products (metatag_opengraph_products)

Provides additional Open Graph Protocol meta tags for describing products.


Metatag: Panels (metatag_panels)

Provides Metatag integration within the Panels interface.


Metatag: Twitter Cards (metatag_twitter_cards)

Provides support for Twitter's Card meta tags.


Metatag: Verification (metatag_verification)

Various meta tags for verifying ownership of a site.


Metatag: Views (metatag_views)

Provides Metatag integration within the Views interface.


Migrate (migrate)

Import content from external sources


Migrate Example (migrate_example)

Example migration data.


Migrate example - Oracle (migrate_example_oracle)

Content type supporting example of Oracle migration


Migrate UI (migrate_ui)

UI for managing migration processes


migrate_example_baseball (migrate_example_baseball)

Import baseball box scores.


Module filter (module_filter)

Filter the modules list.


Navbar (navbar)

A very simple mobile friendly navigation toolbar that lets you switch between frontend and backend.


Page manager (page_manager)

Provides a UI and API to manage pages within the site.


Pantheon Advanced Page Cache(pantheon_advanced_page_cache)

Advanced page cache capabilities for Pantheon


Pantheon Advanced Page Cache Test(pantheon_advanced_page_cache_test)

Used during automated test of Pantheon Advanced Page Cache


Pantheon Apache Solr (pantheon_apachesolr)

Exposes Pantheon's ApacheSolr Service


Pantheon Platform API (pantheon_api)

Integration with the Pantheon Platform


Paragraphs (paragraphs)

Paragraphs module to control your content flow.


Paragraphs - Internationalization (paragraphs_i18n)

Allow paragraph bundles to be duplicate for translation.


Paragraphs Bundle Permissions(paragraphs_bundle_permissions)

Add view / create / update / delete permissions for all paragraph bundles.


Pathauto (pathauto)

Provides a mechanism for modules to automatically generate aliases for the content they manage.


Picture (picture)

Picture element


Redirect (redirect)

Allows users to redirect from old URLs to new URLs.


Redis (redis)

Provide a module placeholder, for using as dependency for module that needs Redis.


Region Class (regionclass)

Assign additional classes to regions and contained blocks


Simplified menu administration (simplified_menu_admin)

Simplifies the Menu and Shortcut modules by merging "List links" and "Edit menu" into a single administration page.


Special menu items (special_menu_items)

Allow users to add placeholder and/or separator menu items.


Strongarm (strongarm)

Enforces variable values defined by modules that need settings set to operate properly.


Stylizer (stylizer)

Create custom styles for applications such as Panels.


Superfish (superfish)

jQuery Superfish plugin for your Drupal menus.


Taxonomy menu (taxonomy_menu)

Adds links to taxonomy terms to a menu.


Telephone (telephone)

Defines a field type for telephone numbers.


Term Depth access (term_depth)

Controls access to context based upon term depth


Title (title)

Replaces entity legacy fields with regular fields.


Token (token)

Provides a user interface for the Token API and some missing core tokens.


Transliteration (transliteration)

Converts non-latin text to US-ASCII and sanitizes file names.


Viewfield (viewfield)

Defines a field type to display a view.


Views (views)

Create customized lists and queries from your database.


Views Bootstrap (views_bootstrap)

Bootstrap Components


Views Bulk Operations (views_bulk_operations)

Provides a way of selecting multiple rows and applying operations to them.


Views Content Cache (views_content_cache)

Provides a views cache plugin based on content type changes.


Views content panes (views_content)

Allows Views content to be used in Panels, Dashboard and other modules which use the CTools Content API.


Views Field View (views_field_view)

Embeds a view inside a view as field


Views UI (views_ui)

Administrative interface to views. Without this module, you cannot create or edit your views.


Webform (webform)

Enables the creation of forms and questionnaires.


Workbench Moderation (workbench_moderation)

Provides content moderation services


X Autoload (xautoload)

Autoload based on PSR-0, PSR-4 and a custom PHP 5.2 compatibility mode.


XML sitemap (xmlsitemap)

Creates an XML sitemap conforming to the sitemaps.org protocol.


XML sitemap custom (xmlsitemap_custom)

Adds user configurable links to the sitemap.


XML sitemap engines (xmlsitemap_engines)

Submit the sitemap to search engines.


XML sitemap internationalization (xmlsitemap_i18n)

Enables multilingual XML sitemaps.


XML sitemap menu (xmlsitemap_menu)

Adds menu item links to the sitemap.


XML sitemap node (xmlsitemap_node)

Adds content links to the sitemap.


XML sitemap taxonomy (xmlsitemap_taxonomy)

Add taxonomy term links to the sitemap.


XML sitemap user (xmlsitemap_user)

Adds user profile links to the sitemap.

UA CAS Feature (ua_cas)

Pre-configures contrib CAS module to work with UA WebAuth.


UA Google Tag Feature (ua_google_tag)

Enable Google Tag Manager using the UA Google Tag


UAQS Admin (uaqs_admin)

Adding common admin modules


UAQS Admin anonymous reviewer workflow(uaqs_admin_anonymous_reviewer_workflow)

Allow anonymous users to view unpublished content revisions by following a hashed link. See the external documentation for more detail.


UAQS Alphabetical List (uaqs_alphabetical_list)

No description available.


UAQS Alphabetical List Demo Content(uaqs_alphabetical_list_demo)

Provides a list of majors.


UAQS Basic Page (uaqs_page)

Provides basic page content type.


UAQS Block Types (uaqs_block_types)

Various different styles of freestanding block which can be repeated throughout a site with different content in each.


UAQS Block Types - Call To Action(uaqs_block_types_call_to_action)

Create customized call to action buttons


UAQS Block Types - Call To Action Demo Content(uaqs_block_types_call_to_action_demo)

Demo content for call to action button block type.


UAQS Block Types - Captioned Image(uaqs_block_types_captioned_image)

An image with caption and photo credit.


UAQS Block Types - Card (uaqs_block_types_card)

Not very flexible UA Bootstrap card block


UAQS Block Types - Contact Summary(uaqs_block_types_contact_summary)

Summary contact information, for example a departmental postal address, generic email address, and main office phone number.


UAQS Block Types - Flexible Block(uaqs_block_types_flexible_block)

A Bean-based block acting as a container for Paragraphs entities.


UAQS Block Types - Illustrated Blurb(uaqs_block_types_illustrated_blurb)

A short piece of text associated with an image, heading, and link to more information.


UAQS Block Types - Illustrated Link(uaqs_block_types_illustrated_link)

Extends the normal Link field with a small image.


UAQS Block Types - Mini Blurb (uaqs_block_types_mini_blurb)

Extends the normal Link field with a small image.


UAQS Block Types - Quick Links (uaqs_block_types_quick_links)

No description available.


UAQS Block Types - Related Links(uaqs_block_types_related_links)

Add up to three links to a block with a patterned background.


UAQS Block Types - Search (uaqs_block_types_search)

Provides a bean based block for a search box


UAQS Block Types - Statement (uaqs_block_types_statement)

Freestanding text with an optional link, for mission statements and similar sections.


UAQS Content Chunks (uaqs_content_chunks)

Enables small structured pieces of content, which can be chained together as a substitute for the Body field or elsewhere.


UAQS Content Chunks - Callout (uaqs_content_chunks_callout)

UAQS Callout


UAQS Content Chunks - Card Deck(uaqs_content_chunks_card_deck)

Can be seen here: http://uadigital.arizona.edu/ua-bootstrap/components.html#decks


UAQS Content Chunks - Carousel(uaqs_content_chunks_carousel)

A paragraph item that displays the Bootstrap carousel for display of photos with captions


UAQS Content Chunks - Column Image(uaqs_content_chunks_column_image)

Image with caption


UAQS Content Chunks - Extra Info(uaqs_content_chunks_extra_info)

Extra info


UAQS Content Chunks - File attachment(uaqs_content_chunks_file_download)

Attach files for downloading.


UAQS Content Chunks - Full Width Background Wrapper(uaqs_content_chunks_full_width_bg_wrapper)

Full Width Background Wrapper


UAQS Content Chunks - Full Width Media Row(uaqs_content_chunks_full_width_media_row)

A container-width media content with textual overlay.


UAQS Content Chunks - Gallery (uaqs_content_chunks_gallery)

A paragraph item that displays the UAQS Photo Gallery for display of photos with captions


UAQS Content Chunks - Headed Text(uaqs_content_chunks_headed_text)

Text Area


UAQS Content Chunks - HTML Field (uaqs_content_chunks_html)

No description available.


UAQS Content Chunks - Jumbotron(uaqs_content_chunks_jumbotron)

Showcase key content on your site


UAQS Content Chunks - Marquee(uaqs_content_chunks_marquee)

A container-width media content with textual overlay.


UAQS Content Chunks - Panel group(uaqs_content_chunks_panel_group)

Can be seen here: http://uadigital.arizona.edu/ua-bootstrap/javascript.html#collapse-examp...


UAQS Content Chunks - Plain Text(uaqs_content_chunks_plain_text)

Plain Text


UAQS Content Chunks - Single Card(uaqs_content_chunks_single_card)

A flexible and extensible content container


UAQS Content Chunks - Views (uaqs_content_chunks_views)

Adds the ability to embed views into flexible pages as paragraphs items (Content Chunks).


UAQS Content Chunks - Views Flexible Page by Category(uaqs_content_chunks_views_page_by_category)

Ability to list flexible page nodes in a list or card view


UAQS Content Chunks - Well (uaqs_content_chunks_well)

Adds a gray background to a section of your content


UAQS Core (uaqs_core)

Provides miscellaneous blocks, and settings common to UAQS components/features.


UAQS D8cache Enhancements (uaqs_d8cache)

UAQS enhancements for Drupal 8 Cache Backport module.


UAQS Demo Content (uaqs_demo)

Provides sample content to demonstrate various features of the UA QuickStart distribution.


UAQS Event (uaqs_event)

Use to create and display UA branded events


UAQS Event importer (uaqs_event_importer)

Import events from the master calendar (https://uanews.arizona.edu/calendar)


UAQS Event View (uaqs_event_view)

Views for events


UAQS Featured Content (uaqs_featured_content)

No description available.


UAQS Featured Content Spotlight(uaqs_featured_content_spotlight)

No description available.


UAQS Fields (uaqs_fields)

No description available.


UAQS Fields - Date (uaqs_fields_date)

Defines various date fields used in many UA Digital projects.


UAQS Fields - Email (uaqs_fields_email)

This module provides various email fields that several UAQS features use.


UAQS Fields - Field Collection (uaqs_fields_field_collection)

This module provides various field collections that several UAQS features use.


UAQS Fields - Link (uaqs_fields_link)

This module provides various link fields that several UAQS features use.


UAQS Fields - Media (uaqs_fields_media)

This module contains settings for file entity types.


UAQS Fields - Telephone (uaqs_fields_telephone)

This module provides telephone fields used by several UAQS features.


UAQS Navigation (uaqs_navigation)

Provides various dependencies and configuration for navigation components consistent with UAQS web branding standards.


UAQS Navigation - Resources (uaqs_navigation_resources)

Provides a resources dropdown menu at the top of the page


UAQS Navigation - Select Menu (uaqs_navigation_select_menu)

Provides a select list dropdown menu.


UAQS Navigation - Select Menu Demo Content(uaqs_navigation_select_menu_demo)

Provides demo content for the select list dropdown menu.


UAQS Navigation Global Footer (uaqs_navigation_global_footer)

Provides a global footer menu


UAQS News (uaqs_news)

Use to create UA branded news articles


UAQS News - Feeds (uaqs_news_feeds)

No description available.


UAQS News - Views - Nav Tabs (uaqs_news_views_nav_tabs)

Display news in bootstrap nav tabs


UAQS Person (uaqs_person)

Use this feature module to create person profiles


UAQS Person - Views (uaqs_person_view)

Views for people.


UAQS Program (uaqs_program)

Use to create and display UA academic programs


UAQS Publication (uaqs_publication)

Use to create and display UAQS publications


UAQS SEO (uaqs_seo)

Combines settings for modules related to SEO


UAQS Social Media Links (uaqs_social_media)

Adds block for social media links


UAQS Unit (uaqs_unit)

Use to create and display UA academic units


UAQS Webform (uaqs_webform)

Use uaqs_flexible_page as a webform.


UAQS Mail (uaqs_mail)

This module enables a Drupal site to send mail via SMTP server and provides helper functions to configure AWS SES credentials.