Anonymous review workflow

You can share drafts of flexible pages with anonymous users (anyone not logged into your site) using the Anonymous Review Workflow module. This module allows you to make changes to a published page and review them without modifying the currently published page. With this capability, you can edit important pages on your site behind the scenes and then publish the edited versions when they are ready to go.

Note: This feature works with flexible pages only.

To use this functionality, first enable the Anonymous Review Workflow module (more about modules).

How to create a draft

  1. Login and add or edit any flexible page.
  2. In the Publishing Options tab, change the Moderation State to draft (current).
  3. Click Save.
  4. The draft will be displayed along with the message: “You can use hashed link to view this unpublished content.”
  5. Click the hashed link and copy the URL in the browser bar. That is the URL you can send to external users for review (you can also right-click the link and save the link address).

How to publish your draft

  1. While logged in, navigate to any published or draft flexible page.
  2. Click the Moderate tab. The pink row is the current draft.
  3. In this row, select Publish.

Your draft will not be the published, most recent copy of the page. The previous published copy will become a revision that you can revert to at any time.


Anon Review Workflow.png

Anon Review Workflow
Use the Publishing Options tab to change the state to draft (current). Then save the page. The published version of the page will not change, and you will be able to review the edited version using a special link shown after saving the page.

anon review workflow hashed link.png

a green box containing a special link for sharing drafts is available after saving the page
After saving a flexible page draft, a special link will be available (shown in the green box above). This is the link you will use to share your draft page with anonymous/non-logged in users of your site. Logged in users will be able to see the draft without a special link.

anon review workflow page editing tabs.png

page editing tabs when the anonymous review workflow module is enabled
When the anonymous review module is enabled and you have created a draft copy of a published page, the page editing tabs will show "View published," "View draft," "Edit draft," and "Moderate." In this screenshot "Webform" and "Results" are also shown because the Webform module is enabled.