Quickstart 1 End of Life

Quickstart 1 will officially reach it's end of support life on November 15th, 2023. After this date, it will no longer receive further security updates.

Please ensure that all websites built using this distribution have been upgraded to Quickstart 2 before this date.

Who can make beautiful Arizona Websites? You Can!

With UA Quickstart all the pieces have been put in place for you to spin up beautiful, accessible and secure websites in a matter of hours instead of weeks. 

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UA Quickstart

A Complete, Customized Drupal

UA Quickstart is a complete, customized version of the popular Drupal content management system, not an add-on to an existing Drupal-based web site. Previously, to start a new Drupal site, you would prepare a web server and database and then download the Drupal core software from drupal.org and install it.

This would produce a minimally functional web site with no content, which you could then customize by adding themes and modules to fit it to your needs.

Increasingly, however, you can download Drupal distributions, which not only contain the core, but also complete sets of additions to make it almost immediately useful for a particular purpose, such as an online storefront.

UA Quickstart is a combination of Drupal 7 core, plus many additional features and modules specific to the University of Arizona. UA Quickstart also comes pre-packaged with demo content that you can modify or delete for your convenience.

Featuring UA Bootstrap

UA Quickstart uses a custom, UA-branded version of Bootstrap - a mobile first HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework. We are continuously working to make Quickstart accessible, flexible, and highly customizable.

Built by UA Digital

A team of web-focused volunteers known as UA Digital meets weekly to build and test products like UA Bootstrap and UA Quickstart.

  • Join the UA Digital discussions on Slack
  • Submit pull requests on Bitbucket

Questions, bugs, or suggestions can also be emailed to brand@email.arizona.edu

UAQS Showcase




Everyone is invited to participate in the #ua-quickstart Slack channel. As a site builder or content editor, this is your best avenue for Quickstart questions and answers. We've also created a FAQ page to answer common questions.

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The current version of Quickstart is built using Drupal 7.

When are we planning on moving to Drupal 8?

Find out!